After my oldest brother passed away, willing or not, we needed to get to the life routine after several months of sorrow. One of those routine days I ran into old rolls of film made by my deceased brother in his teenage years. Hundreds of photographs of childhood captured within the walls of concrete block apartment, where me and my 4 brothers happily grew up in. It’s been more than 25 years since then, and now the same mazes of corridors and rooms are full of life. My nephews. Mom. Dad. And cat named Michael Scofield. It was the point when series has began naturally.

Attempt to fill up the loss in family picture, have pushed me to rediscover familiar environment from new perspective, to observation of my nephews and their encounter in these walls, full off memories, emotions and drawings under many layers of wallpapers. Now, since family is dissolving geographically, the flat will be sold. My attachment to it and desire to embrace the separation has transformed into a visual response – a warm hug to my brother, to concrete walls, to my big but departing from each other family

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