As long as I remember myself, the topic of belonging to Bulgaria has always been felt in my family. From a young age I was fascinated by the strange words coming out of my dad’s mouth, funny dances in a circle on holidays, for this case my dad had a favorite tape and he was always very happy when it played. A little later I learned that I have Bulgarian roots, that my great-grandparents in 1830 had come a long way from Bulgaria and settled in the country where I was born. We dreamed a lot about how the whole family would go on a trip to historical homeland, dad vividly described where we would go, what we would see. We managed to do this only when I was 18. Since then, we have been travelling by car in different parts of Bulgaria almost every year. Varna turned out to be the point where we inexplicably wanted to go back. The series is a photo diary of my trips to Varna in 2018 and 2019 which is a continuation of self-exploration, of my roots and fictional childhood memories from the country my ancestors came from.